Eye of the Rushes

Eye of the Rushes

Deceit. Goodness. Love. Murder. Everything shines in the colours of the soul.


Prismatic beauty. Dark perversion…

I see the colours, how they wreathe the bodies of people, animals in the fields, how they swirl about places… It is a dance, a changing dance that don’t end, just as if the kaleidoscope was turned and turned and never stopped… It is beautiful, but sometimes it is terrible

In 1894, a maid troubled by her ability to ‘see’ colours becomes unwitting catalyst to an atrocity. The brutal murder of a young policeman, his body discovered among the rushes at Hadensill Manor, remains unsolved. A hundred years later, a film attempts to unravel the mystery. Attached to the film crew, Eva is increasingly drawn to the strange, unforgiving atmosphere of the house, and to the child Sybell, who also sees colours: what connection is there between her and the long-dead maid, Mary Vince? Who was Esther Paine, housekeeper at Hadensill, whose influence seems to endure? Forced simultaneously to deal with the legacy of her own past, Eva’s obsession brings her to the brink of collapse. But she cannot escape a violent and terrifying present…




‘Eye of the Rushes’ for Kindle can be downloaded from Amazon from 4th November 2020.

The paperback edition is also available and can be ordered directly from Amazon.