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Photograph by Arwel Davies

My name is James Morgan-Jones. My first book (written as A J Morgan) was Lantern Light, a collection of short stories published in early 2016 by Iconau Books.

The stories are atmospheric – sometimes dark, sometimes humorous. I aim for variation in tone, style, setting and also period. The things that interest me are the power of memory, fluctuating states of mind, the inescapability of the past’s influence on the present; also how moments of insight or trauma can change the course of an inner life fundamentally, sometimes without any obvious immediate effect on the outer quotidian one. I have a background in theatre, and so the stories are often emotional and dramatic, usually character-driven. Inspiration is most often sparked by reality – my own memory and experience, or that of people known to me. Of course, pure invention plays a major part too, following a line of thought or a character that interests me. I enjoyed writing these stories – I hope you enjoy reading them.

The book is available from Amazon or direct from the publisher at iconau.com