100 Ways to Write a Book

I was delighted to take part in this project, initiated by Alex Pearl, all proceeds from which will go to PEN International.

100 WAYS TO WRITE A BOOK: 100 AUTHORS IN CONVERSATION WITH ALEX PEARL ABOUT THEIR BACKGROUNDS, MOTIVATIONS AND WORKING METHODS: Pearl, Alex, Ross, David F, Ferrey, Ashok, Harris, Tessa, Tyler, L C, Dutton, Julian, Prior, Hazel, Forder, Tony J, Carver, C J, Harris, Charles: 9798777608314: Books


An interesting conversation with Bryan Collins, focusing on the process of writing a series of books


Reading and Writing Podcast – Jeff Rutherford

This was a nice interview, and I even got to read from ‘On the Edge of Wild Water’.

Episode 538 – Reading and Writing Podcast


A very nice interview with Victoria Bennion, podcaster and agent


Interview with author, Alex Pearl

A really lovely interview with author Alex Pearl which is featured on his website and will also eventually be included in a book of over a hundred author interviews. Thank you, Alex.


The Spirit of Place with James Morgan-Jones

Mysterious Goings On… It was great to chat with the very genial Alex Greenwood about books, the writing process, the power of place and more…


The Spirit of Place with James Morgan-Jones : Mysterious Goings On


Calling All Creatures Presents James Morgan-Jones




James speaks with about writing and his work.


Catmaste Chronicles Podcast

James gives an interview about his work and his relationship with cats.


Friday Night Drinks

Friday Night Drinks with… James Morgan-Jones


World Poetry Day

Listen to the interview which James gave to celebrate World Poetry Day.