Glasswater Quintet

The Glasswater Quintet

I’m currently engaged in writing a five-novel sequence linked by location and character but set in different decades from the 1940s onwards. Its titles are ON THE EDGE OF WILD WATERTHE GLASS CITADELTHE STONE FOREST, EYE OF THE RUSHES and THE ICE CHANDELIER. Three of the novels are completed and the fourth is underway.

Loss of the natural world and a spiritual connection to it are major themes, as is the intrusion of the psychic and the supernatural into ordinary lives governed not always by reason but by imagination and a deep, instinctive awareness of the ‘other’ in life. The transformative power of illness – both mental and physical – is a recurrent force in a narrative whose events unfold most often through the eyes of children and adolescents. The pervasive influence of the past weighs inescapably on the here and now. The books are part allegory, part naturalistic drama, with a strong element of  psychological mystery, but always based in the real world with recognisable characters with whom I hope the reader will identify. I’m aiming to appeal to a range of readers, from teenage upwards.

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